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Thread: Pants Crapping Hysteria in Salon - Connecticut Carry Quoted

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    Post Pants Crapping Hysteria in Salon - Connecticut Carry Quoted

    This one was great. Anyone that has actually carried unconcealed knows how silly just about every claim in this article is. Funny enough, I hear more of this kind of nonsense from people who claim to be gun owners and 'pro-gun' (whatever that means). If you rail against things that are legal even, then you have no place talking about 'rights' or 'liberty'.

    And what I loved the most was that this journalist from Salon was so lazy that they couldn't be bothered to get a fresh quote from us. They instead used the quote from the New Haven Register article out of context. They most certainly would not have left with the same idiotic impression that Dong was 'open carrying' that day. But oh well. You can't save all the stupid people from themselves. This is why this kind of media is irrelevant.

    Overall though, they probably think this was some kind of knock down punch, but it only served to illuminate more unnecessary Pants Crapping Hysteria from collectivists. The mainstream in America simply isn't going to believe this kind of stuff because it doesn't match how they feel around guns.

    See for yourself:

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    See for yourself:


    I noted the captioned picture of a sidearm and a long story about long gun open carry. I've read the study mentioned about the weapons effect and how it plays out in court. Most times, according to the report it didn't work well for the defendant(?). You claim self defense but Exhibit A is a long demonized AR15. Oh my! Still it isn't a surprise the Salon would spin a story like that.
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