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Thread: Question about olympic medical center

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    Question about olympic medical center

    This thread ' ? about PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

    got me to thinking about OMC.
    According to their web site
    The last paragraph reads
    "Olympic Medical Center's status as a rural public hospital district allows it to enter into cooperative agreements and contracts with other rural public hospital districts under the Interlocal Cooperation Act to provide for the health care needs of the people served by the hospital districts. Please click here to review our current Interlocal Agreement."
    Does that mean, in theory, that I can carry there because of preemption? I go there several times a year for tests and always CC.

    This kind of stuff confuses me because I don't speak or understand legalese.
    Perhaps if you would use a real computer you wouldn't have to apologize for not being able to do so many things on the internet!

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    Yes. Clallam Public Hospital District No. 2 is a municipal corporation just like a fire district or public utility district, or more importantly, like the City of Seattle. Your rights under state preemption were affirmed in the Chan decision, where the court found a municipal corporation does not have the authority to ban guns by administrative rule.

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