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Thread: Optima V2 .50 cal pistol for drivers

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    Optima V2 .50 cal pistol for drivers

    Although designed for primitive-weapons hunting seasons, the Optima V2 may be gaining favor with long-haul truckers.

    Now a weapon like this, filled with shot, could be very formidable. Is this a viable alternative to a modern firearm for drivers?

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    Requires an optic? That's not necessary for truck defense, but I guess you could put a reflex type optic on it.

    If a black powder gun is legal for defense, why would you use a single-shot? There are myriad revolvers out there, including the powerful and easy to maintain Ruger Old Army.
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    I could see a double BP shotgun, along with a BP revolver, but not a single shot.
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    I would be concerned about over penetrating a target or missing. I think a medium caliber pistol would work out better.
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    black powder

    Why would you want to?

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    Kinda feeling like the article already said it best.

    Is the Optima V2 at $348.95 a better self-defense choice for long haul truckers than cap-and-ball revolvers, which offer you six fast shots and the ability to carry extra cylinders? Probably not, but if you’re heading afield this year for big game and want an added challenge, it does have performance good enough to fill the freezer.
    And: Is it better than any mag fed or revolver options? Not really. It's heavy, awkward, and for the love of god, it's a single shot, long time to reload black powder weapon. There's a reason no one uses that stuff anymore unless they absolutely have no other choice. I have no desire to be dinking with a ramrod while the person I just shot may be recovering enough to put a bullet in my ass, though he'll likely die as well...eventually.
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