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Thread: notice to appear email stating court papers are attached is bogus

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    notice to appear email stating court papers are attached is bogus

    thought i would share and provide a word to the wise!!

    I received three separate emails from notifying me i had to appear in court of Washington the first of next year.
    emails also advised to bring appropriate documents and witnesses
    court notice is contained in attachment to the letter
    note: if you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence.

    ms xyz
    clerk of the Court.

    jonesday is a large international law firm who was contacted and i was advised by the nice lady out of the DC office to destroy the email w/o opening the attachment and that the FBI has been notified to investigate the situation.

    even tho the attachments have not been opened, all puters in my system are undergoing a deep scan

    my final comment is whew, as i thought my significant other just found out about a ticket i might have received and forgotten about...

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    Did you agree to service via email?

    I doubt your court practice rules allows for email service w/o agreement.

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    fake jonesday et al. emails about court appearance.

    This is a malware email from a botnet called the "Asprox" botnet. The attached trojan, when run, joins your computer to the botnet.

    They use infected computers for a variety of activities like ad fraud, bitcoin mining, scareware/ransomware, id theft, and of course sending more spam.

    This email will iterate through several law firms and court cities.

    Before this email was a fake Adobe "thanks for purchasing license" email, essentially same malware attached.

    Simply LOOKING at the email is harmless, just don't run the contents of the attachment. (:
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