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Thread: Want to forget a thread or posting ~ now you can w/o a moderator's help

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    Want to forget a thread or posting ~ now you can w/o a moderator's help

    Scientists have zapped an electrical current to people's brains to erase distressing memories....

    We are getting closer to Star Trek every day...

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    So, psych's are trying to spin the dangerous effects of their electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)), are they?

    Loss of memory from ECT is old news. Very old.

    Not a lot of folks know this, but its easily confirmable now with the internet: Ernest Hemingway committed suicide after receiving a number of ECT treatments. His stock in trade as a writer--his memory of his experiences was lost to him. He wrote (paraphrase): "...but we lost the patient" referring to himself as a writer. And, this was back in 1960 or so.

    Hemingway was just one of the highest-profile victims of ECT. Memory loss from ECT was already well known even before Hemingway.

    ECT has been all but completely discredited. And, made illegal in some places. That the story in the OP appears at all tells me somebody somewhere is trying to revive it.
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