Now days I hear more and more civilians talking about our relationship with LEOs as them vs us. Regrettably there are sometimes reasons for that frame of mind, however I personally believe that the vast majority of our law enforcement neighbors are good solid people. People who want the same things we want. I would like to point out our own Arizona Sheriffs Association as an example of my thinking. (ASA). A most recent case that I am familiar with is that of the ASA going head to head with the Feds to support us in another attempt by the Feds to take away more of our rights. To take a quote from that article; "What many people are unaware of is that your sheriff is the top law enforcement official in your county." As such he can wield a lot of power and we want to keep him on our side. If he hasn't signed with ASA, a letter asking him why he hasn't signed would surely seem appropriate.

The below link will take you to an article showing you what's happening in a recent fight with the ASA vs the Feds. This link will take you to the announcement by the Forest Service.

The link below will take you to the ASA response.

Now you can bet your last dollar that the people who support the Forest Service position (anti-gun, anti-hunting) are writing letters like mad. Many of them may be liberal gibberish but they do carry the force of numbers. WE need to drop a casual line to our Sheriff telling him that we appreciate his support. I suspect he will be very appreciative. Let us all borrow a quote from our old friend Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. "We will bury you" ... under an avalanche of support mail from AZCDL and other gun owners / enthusiasts.

Again, I wish you all a Happy, prosperous, letter writing, new membership in AZCDL New Year. See you on the range.

Lynn McFadden aka old uncle ho