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Thread: Check your permits, is it time to renew?

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    Check your permits, is it time to renew?

    Being the start of a new year I'd like to remind everyone to take a few minutes to make sure your weapon permits will not expire. While you are digging in your wallet you might want to check your driver license too. I don't want anyone getting in trouble for not having their papers in order. Until we have true freedom in this federation we'll continue to have to carry these little pieces of paper and plastic to prove we are the good guys.

    I'm curious about how many photo IDs you have in your wallet. I have six total. Three are weapon carry permits, Iowa, Utah, and Florida. I have my driver license, US passport card, and veteran ID. Of those it looks like I need to renew my driver license this year.

    Have a safe new year.

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    I don't think I need a permission slip myself ....

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    Just make sure you have your Show Me Card

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