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Thread: OCed a 33 round mag again

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    OCed a 33 round mag again

    I live in Tennessee but was visiting Greenville, Texas a few weeks ago and went into Walmart open carrying a 33 round Glock magazine while concealing my Glock 19. This is the second time I've OCed the 33 round mag during a visit to TX. I wore the mag at about 10 o'clock in a Fobus mag carrier. I'm not a huge NRA fan, but to complete the gun-guy look, I also wore an NRA cap. I looked ridiculous, but that's the point. Open carry of a pistol should be legal and it isn't so this is my form of protest.

    I was in the store for quite a while and it was pretty busy. However, no one seemed to take notice or care at all until the very end when I got the evil eye from the woman in line in front of me. It was a quite obvious stink eye with turned up nose. LOL.

    Other than that, all was well and no MWAG calls or anything. One of these days I will get a black powder pistol for open carry, but until then it will have to be an oversized mag.

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    I've considered "open carrying" an empty holster as a form of protest, but I think I actually like your mag idea better. Then I won't have to carry an empty holster as well as my actual holster concealing my firearm, and the extra mag actually has a use.

    Honestly though, I wouldn't be surprised to get arrested for open carrying a loaded mag in some municipalities or counties.
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    I carry the same mag in my G19 all the time.... Lol....

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    add another one:

    "Is that a magazine in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

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    lol I have never thought of open carrying just a magazine but I live the idea! Thanks for sharing I love this idea as a means of productive protest. I was in Tennessee last May and loved the state, people and history. I open carried my Smith and Wesson 649 revolver with no problems

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