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Thread: Firearms for Christmas

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    Firearms for Christmas

    Who got or gave firearms for Christmas. I'll start.

    My FIL bought a new (at the time, 1936) Stevens model 66-B. When he passed away, it went to my son who was the only heir. He sold it to my older brother several years ago. When I found out about it, I bought it back, with the intention of refinishing it and giving it back to my son. Last summer, I started the project. It had some rust and many years of sitting in the back of the closet to overcome. I took the stock off and took the rest to Mike at 2A here in Tulsa. He soda blasted, polished, cleaned and refinished all the metal parts. Went with a flat black finish. Mike did a super job of restoration. I did the stock. Sanded down to bare wood and finished with only boiled linseed oil. It took a while, but I got 10 coats on it. Put it all back together and was able to give it to my son for Christmas. My hope was that even if he didn't want to shoot it, he would keep it as a sentimental item. He was very pleased. Happy son, happy dad.
    If I was savvy enough, I would post pictures of before and after.
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    Guns for Christmas

    I bought my wife a Pardner 20 Ga. 3" Mod. Made by New England Firearms as a Christmas gift. It has a National Wildturkey Federation emblem cut in the stock. Its something she has wanted since I sold her 20 Ga. 2 years ago. When Mama's happy everybody's happy.

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    Got a 6 inch lower rail for my Mini-14 ATI Strikeforce stock and a 30 round magazine. Maybe my birthday will bring me a new shooter.

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    I got a remington 870 for the boy and a SP101 for me.

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    I wanted a thermal scope ....

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