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Thread: vehicle carry?

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    vehicle carry?

    what are the laws in new mexico about vehicle carry. last time i checked your vehicle was an extension of your home... is there a limit on the number of guns you can have in your car or truck, either open or concealed? I own 2 handguns that i love and often travel to areas around new Mexico for work. i don't like leaving them at home alone due to break ins around my neighborhood.

    is it legal t carry more than one? even if the second one is unloaded or in a box etc? would prefer both to be loaded though... whats the law say abut this.

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    As far as I am aware there is no limitation or restriction concerning what you may do in your vehicle. Extended domain, or home extension, is still in place.

    You may have as many guns as you want, concealed or not, loaded or not, with you in your vehicle. I often have several handguns and rifles when I go to shoot.

    If you are going to keep them in your vehicle on a regular basis I would recommend looking into a vehicle safe. Something like a nanovault that you can secure with a cable to a seat post or inside a trunk for example is inexpensive and easy to use, and convenient to move to other vehicles or inside a hotel room.

    Also look into a safe for your home- something you can bolt down to a floor, preferably a concrete slab, is a good thing to have.

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