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Thread: Took my CCW renewal this weekend, asked about Act 746

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    Took my CCW renewal this weekend, asked about Act 746

    So i took my renewal course this weekend. I know this crittenden county sheriff personally for quite a few years now. We dont hang out but we know each other. He has offered to do tactical courses for friends and I @ $100 a head for half day but ive never gotten around to it. He shoots a lot of competition stuff too. Anyway, he has me load up three FULL glock 17 mags. Tells me to dumo the first mag at the target, ok, 17/17. Basically had me do the same thing two more times then gave me my paperwork. I just feel like a little more advice would have been helpful.

    Anyway, i did ask about act 746 and he responded that Crittenden county was staying with whatever the AGs opinion was. I responded the act doesnt mention concealed/OC but he pretty much didnt seem interested in discussing it. Maybe just having a bad day, we all have those.

    I was also pretty suprised at new years. I went to see some friends and there was an AR state police investigator there. He has been an LEO for a long time, also in west memphis too. he had no idea about act 746 or if the current law allows for carry of loaded long rifles etc. I guess i am just shocked how little of the law these guys seem to know. i cant imagine questioning them on the side of the road and citing state law.... they would have no idea what i was talking about.

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    I lived in west Memphis for 3 years (09-12) I probably wouldn't have oc'd there myself. Its is pretty sketchy. I did talk to a springdale PO while I was in Arkansas last week, he didn't know much at all about act 746, but did discourage it.
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