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Thread: More Evidence to Support Driving Armed

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    More Evidence to Support Driving Armed

    Quote Originally Posted by foxnews
    The FBI has joined police in multiple states in the hunt for a pickup truck driver who rammed an SUV off a Pennsylvania highway and into a snowbank, then blew away the victim moments after he had called 911 to say he was being followed by an enraged motorist.
    Sad story. This is one reason I support HR 2959: National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013; that is when traveling the interstates carrying for self-defense is a need.

    And there's no certainty there would've been a different outcome, but at least this victim would've had the opportunity to attempt self-defense.
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    FBI joins police. Must be a terror related incident. FIBs drop LE Mission.

    The Creep of Counterterrorism: FBI’s Professed ‘Primary Function’ No Longer ‘Law Enforcement’
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