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Thread: Help With A Rossi 462

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    Help With A Rossi 462

    I recently acquired one, and am looking for grips, holsters, etc, for it. The 462 is the 6 shot, 2" .357 model, close in size to the Ruger SP101, or Colt Detective Special. So...not quite a J frame. Anyone else carry one?
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    Any J frame holster should fit. The cylinder is slightly longer on a 357, not much though. Grips will be another story, doesn't that gun come with rubber combat grips. Get holsters for the 357 J frame as opposed to SP101 holster. The latter I understand has a beefier frame all the way around.

    Ooops I missed the 6 shot part, nope that frame is probably closer to a K Frame than the J Frame. The SP101 is a 5 shot, as is the J Frame. Colt detective is a small frame six shot, I believe the Rossi are copies of S&W so I am betting K frame.
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