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Thread: California SB 808 -- treats citizens like criminals ... requirement to ser. guns

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    California SB 808 -- treats citizens like criminals ... requirement to ser. guns

    (2) Within one day of making or assembling a firearm in accordance
    with paragraph (1), the unique serial number or other mark of
    identification provided by the department shall be engraved or
    permanently affixed to the firearm in accordance with regulations
    prescribed by the department pursuant to Section 29181 and in a
    manner that meets or exceeds the requirements imposed on licensed
    importers and licensed manufacturers of firearms pursuant to
    subsection (i) of Section 923 of Title 18 of the United States Code
    and regulations issued pursuant thereto.....

    (b) An application made pursuant to subdivision (a) shall only be
    granted by the department if the applicant presents proof that the
    applicant is not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing
    or owning a firearm or ammunition, that he or she is 18 years of age
    or older, and that the making of the firearm at the place where the
    firearm is made does not violate any local regulatory requirements....

    (2) This section does not preclude prosecution under any other law
    providing for a greater penalty.

    Why do WE have to prove we are not criminals --- we cannot prove a negative --- first issue

    2nd issue: federal law covers manufacturing of guns

    3rd issue -- they ask you to provide information that MAY be evidence in your conviction as they ask for the application AFTER you make the gun.

    4th issue --- total BS ... history in the USA is that people are free to make their own firearms

    5th issue --- who pays for all this crap? Not the state
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