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Thread: Another OC trip without mass bloodshed

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    Another OC trip without mass bloodshed

    Was in Corinth, MS yesterday and open carried to Lowe's and McDonalds. I got a lot of stares but no issues. Well, I guess the sky isn't falling after all. No mass shedding of blood in the streets! (Referring to the scare just prior to the legalization of open carry in MS.)

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    Been OCing around the Picayune/Nicholson area for a while with no problems. Even called the chief of police in Picayune back when the judge from Hinds County put the block on it, and his response was that in his opinion, the block was only for Hinds County and was OK with OC. Even told the dept. to not harass anyone OCing because it was legal. I was really surprised with the support from the chief.

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