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Thread: Rep. Burns proposes restaurant exemption for LEOs

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    Rep. Burns proposes restaurant exemption for LEOs

    BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KTBS) - Right now in Louisiana, the law states law enforcement officers in plain clothes or off duty can not carry their weapons into an establishment that serves alcohol. That's even though they're considered on-duty 24-7.

    State Representative Henry Burns is trying once again to change that with House Bill 10. Last legislative session he filed a bill just like HB10, but it died in a Senate committee after passing the House.

    "How the law was worded, we have law enforcement officer inadvertently breaking the law by going into places like Applebee's and Chili's," said Burns. "And we're just trying to correct that."

    Burns believes the wording of the law is outdated. It has become more common for restaurants to serve an alcoholic beverage.

    Jessica Holman, a server at Daq's Wings and Grill, agrees the terms need to be thrown out.

    I left a comment pointing out that the officers are already exempt from this state law under LEOSA, and that non-LEOs should be able to carry in restaurants as well.

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    Just as an aside, "They" consider themselves as on-duty 24/7. If they truly were on-duty 24/7 there wouldn't be a need to pay them overtime because they were still 'on duty.' Let an officer commit a crime and see how fast the 'on-duty' theory is dropped by their employers.

    If you want to truly see a group that's 'on-duty' 24/7 just look to your nearest Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine.
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    They are only on duty if they choose to. SCOTUS has already ruled they are under no obligation to stop crime. They retain their powers off duty but are under no obligation to act. In the case of the FL theater the off duty deputy did not act until AFTER the crime. And he was right there.
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