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Thread: OOPs wrong store...

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    Thumbs up OOPs wrong store...

    from video also...

    Gunman Bursts Into Dollar Store and Threatens to Kill Everyone Before Police Could Even Respond, He Was Dead

    An armed man entered a Orrville, Ala., Dollar General on Thursday, waved his gun in the air and threatened to kill everyone, reports. Though motive is unclear, he never got the chance to hurt anyone because a customer carrying a concealed handgun neutralized him with a deadly shot.

    Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. told WSFA-TV that the gunman held a cashier and customer at gunpoint, forcing them toward a break room area. It was at this point that the customer reportedly drew his firearm and shot the suspect one time in the chest. The entire incident took less than five minutes, police say.

    The gunman was pronounced dead on the scene.

    The sheriff said the customer is not currently facing any charges over the shooting death, however, investigators are working to confirm he had a valid concealed carry permit. Open carry is legal in Alabama, but a permit is required to carry a concealed handgun.

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    Being in the robbery business does have risks...

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    There was also a sign posted outside the Dollar General prohibiting open carry, but not concealed carry, the report states.

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    I'm curious if the No Open Carry, but OKAY on CC, is store specific, or if it's corporate policy, as I've never seen DG stores with any such signing in KY, TN, OK, and TX, but have seen one store in Nebraska have such a sign. Sorry to go off topic, that caught my attention~
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