Yesterday I went to meet a friend for lunch who owns a locksmith business. There was a guy in there who wanted to pay to have his car towed to the business because he wasn't sure if his key would work, his car was at the police station after being recovered from being stolen. I volunteered to walk over with him and see if it would start so he wouldn't have to pay a few hundred dollar tow fee, and the additional fees you pay from having it towed out of the police station.

We went to the lobby, the receptionist called the evidence guy, who a few minutes later got us brought us through the secure areas back to the car. His ignition was toast, but the cop said his guys had it running the night before, called in and his guys told us how to start it. The thieves had installed a goofy separate ignition, I got it started, the guy was able to drive it out of the locked evidence section.

The officer was very friendly and told me he has a job for my friend and never mentioned my OC. Maybe when they pay you not to take them to federal court they are nicer or maybe not.