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Thread: Last Round ??? I Vote No...

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    Last Round ??? I Vote No...

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    here's a whole discussion on it already
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    Here's a great article on this and other "special" ammunition:



    Yet another crop of supposedly high-tech, über-deadly bullets is appearing on the market, claiming to offer revolutionary results (usually at extraordinarily high prices). They include:

    The 'Multiple Impact Bullet', claiming to open out into a multi-projectile buzz-saw after firing, to ensure a hit (stupidly, ridiculously over-the-top marketing video here);
    The 'G2 Research R.I.P.' round, with a technically baffling description that appears to be all smoke and mirrors and very little intelligible science (marketing video here);
    Yet another ultra-light-weight, ultra-high-velocity round, 'Liberty Civil Defense' ammunition, that produces visually spectacular effects in target material. (See their YouTube channel for lots of videos, if you want to.)
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