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Thread: WVCDL Lobby Day 2014, 2/17 - WITH DNR CODE CLEANUP BILL!

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    WVCDL Lobby Day 2014, 2/17 - WITH DNR CODE CLEANUP BILL!

    Monday, February 17, 2014 9:00am

    Come to Charleston in a show of strength to your legislators. Talk to them. Ask them what they're doing for your rights. Meet and enjoy fellowship with West Virginia gun owners, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts. DO NOT CARRY, as the capitol complex is a legislated off-limits location.

    We will meet under the rotunda on the ground floor at 9AM. Wear your WVCDL t-shirts and/or hoodies, dress nicely, be professional.

    Check out the WVCDL's Legislative Tracking page you will see there are bills on the move this year that address open carry in the woods as well as vehicle carry!

    Of course cleaning up the DNR code problems would kill half the discussion here, but that's the cost of freedom.
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