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    We are just getting off the ground with a new idea.

    PV postal and shipping, located at 4848 East cactus road #505
    Scottsdale Arizona, 85254


    we have, aside from all of our other shipping and mailbox amenities, a federal firearms license for the sale and shipping of firearms. But beyond that, we are now offering 60x24x18 vaults with complete anonymity and total safety. for only $125.00/mo. you get a vault to protect your guns and absolute privacy, this is especially important for gun owners today, where liberal gun laws can change any day, and your own guns may be banned or confiscated. Do you have valuable or heirloom weapons you want to keep locked away from both thieves and Democrat politicians? Come store them with us.

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    Welcome to OCDO GopostalAZ .

    Appreciate the information regarding your services. Hope you will stay and participate in the forum.
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    You guys do FFL transfers? $?
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