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Thread: Wendy Davis - Candidate for TX Governor - Supports OC!!-

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    Wendy Davis - Candidate for TX Governor - Supports OC!!-

    Yeah - now we've got someone we can all rally around!

    Love the comments of the other Texas Dhims saying they're not in favor of this.

    Could be a good oppty to pressure current Republican candidates to update their positions on PASSING OC in the Texas Legislature next year as part of a campaign promise.
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    To be honest I've heard "I support OC" enough that it's basically become meaningless coming from a politician. Hmm. Surprise surprise, right? Well, for me it's probably going to be one of those I'll believe it when I see it sort of deals. However, I guess you could say that she's somewhat going out on a limb even to just say that she supports it. Then again, maybe not, like the article (below) suggests. I would not vote for her regardless.

    WARNING - before reading this article (regarding Wendy's support of OC), please place padding on your forehead to help prevent injury as you repeatedly facepalm and/or smash your head into your keyboard.
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    Don't believe anything that proceeds from this woman's mouth.

    She's just like Obama.....will say anything to get elected...and once elected look out !

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