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Thread: Did I miss something???

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    Did I miss something???

    I see a lot of post talking about "pre ban" firearms and have heard several (mislead) people (I hope) say that their firearm is now illegal due to the high capacity mag it has. I carry 12+1 and haven't seen anything about a high capacity mag ban. Did the libtards, put something in print that is making its way around?
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    Did I miss something???

    I think most are referring to pre-ban as before the recent Connecticut laws went into effect. Could be wrong, but that's the explanation I've been given on a few AR sales. Magazine capacity bans were just implemented in NY as well. In WA though, that's just false.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geerolla View Post
    In WA though, that's just false.
    Yup, I bought mine last year a 12+1 and a 17+1.

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