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Thread: CA DOJ Gun Confiscation Team Gets It Wrong

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    CA DOJ Gun Confiscation Team Gets It Wrong

    CA DOJ Gun Confiscation Team Gets It Wrong
    Calguns Foundation Press Release February 8, 2014

    "The California Department of Justice has a police squad dedicated to confiscating firearms from prohibited persons through the Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS). They work from a government database. See the problem? “[Michael] Merritt said that was the night of Nov. 5. Several agents arrived at his door and started asking questions about which guns he owned. ‘I thought, he’s here to get my guns for some reason,’ Merritt described. ‘He says, ‘You have a felony here from 1970.’ I said, ‘A felony? A pot possession charge from 1970.’” Let’s talk about “gun bullies” shall we? ”‘We told them to leave the house and go get a warrant, and they said that’s fine,’ wife Karla Merritt said. ‘But, when we get the warrant and we come back, you’re going to jail,’ agents reportedly told the couple."

    Watch the "Merrits" tell their story in their own words see link:

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    Well, its nice for them to give them a "heads up" so they can move their guns...

    Why did they even talk to them.

    Doors can be opened or closed and kept closed.

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