Hello all,

We have been invited AGAIN by the owner of Rib City in American Fork to return again. I have been told that it is my responsibility to set this up, so I am doing so now.

Feb 21st at 1930 hours until whenever. And Yes, this definitely is an OC friendly event. This is also posted on the Utah concealed carry website.

I am looking for an fairly accurate listing of those intending to attend so either list yourself here OR on the other site, P Lease not on both.

Since, I have listed myself and my other (better) half there I will not list us here.

We have been at this location SEVERAL times. Even as a OC friendly location, please no un-holstering unless in a needed and justified event. And then excellent marksmanship would be appreciated by all. LOL

Yep, I need to get Toni, the owner a sign for her to post if she would like.