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Thread: feb south sound cabellas meetup

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    Thumbs up feb south sound cabellas meetup

    Hey its that time again, lets get together for a little snack and some socializing

    The where-cabellas-lacey store

    The when- 2-4 pm sunday feb 16

    hope to see you at the food court.

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    Son of a... looks like I missed that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munkey Butt View Post
    Son of a... looks like I missed that one.
    matters NOT who didnt go to the meet,, but it IS something...

    But like I have typed in many meet threads, and in person to the folks that do GO!!!

    The folks that attend OWE the forum a report of the attendance,,,, and
    some description of how Much fun it was to visit with like minder folks!

    Every meet should follow up with a hopefully, positive report.
    I think it would go a Long,,, way to increasing turnout in the future!
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