Real quick: I have not posted in a few weeks due to having somehow removed OCDO from my todo list for the podcast. Some quick updates, I apologize for not responding to the PMs I have been sent, responses comming soon.

I do have a new episode out that covers the Situation in Andrews Texas better than any other episode I have done, this is in part due to my guest cohost Jame Franklin, who is in charge of Come And Take It Midland-Odessa. We do have some audio issues where skype decided to be a pain but beyond that it's a good listen that clocks in at an hour and a half long so remember it is a podcast and can be paused.

For the Record there will be an another event on Feb 15 in Andrews. Due to work commitments I can not cover that event. However some of the State level leadership for CATI will be at this one.

Show notes are at:
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