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Thread: Brand New leather holster, and double mag pouch for $70.13 shipped.

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    Brand New leather holster, and double mag pouch for $70.13 shipped.

    Well after a long search I finally got my new holster, and magazine pouch in the mail yesterday.

    Everything seems solid, and well made, the leather is thick, and holds both the pistol, and magazines very securely, unfortunately though this particular one shipped with a slight cosmetic blemish, it's hard to tell in the picture of the package, but it looks like it either got pressed, or dragged against something in Midway's warehouse which is what caused this :

    Other than that though everything looks good.

    The total price was $70.13 shipped after a $10 off promo code.

    The brand is El Paso Saddlery

    holster: $48.99

    Double mag pouch: $26.49

    I almost got this one instead, but decided I liked the other one better: $27.49

    This is the promo code I used: $10 off $50 - Promo Code: 46CDBC4

    So how did I do?

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    El Paso is good gear. I think you did great.
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