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Thread: Newark, NJ Police Dept to be placed under DOJ Monitor for Rights Abuse & Corruption

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    Newark, NJ Police Dept to be placed under DOJ Monitor for Rights Abuse & Corruption


    "James Stewart Jr., president of Newark’s Fraternal Order of Police, said he is "looking forward" to the monitor’s input. He said he hopes the reforms go beyond the scope of the ACLU’s allegations, adding that the department’s emphasis on using arrests as a metric for officer success have seriously harmed the agency’s rapport with the community.

    "That mentality, the pressure to bring in numbers, leads our cops to frequently stop people for record checks, which often leads to arrests for open bench warrants. That is also what contributes to that divide that our community activists so often talk about," Stewart Jr. said in a statement. "They become afraid to approach the cop on the street out of fear of being arrested."

    It would seem they demand ID as a means of extortion. Your freedom for your money. That's pretty noble.

    Newark, N.J. has the largest police department in the state. The following is a link to the NJ ACLU petition for federal investigation into a pattern of abuse, racism, civil rights violations. This petition really raises hell with the apologist's that cling to the mantra that what we see are "isolated incidents". Their petition is NINETY SIX PAGES LONG, DETAILING A PATTERN OF ABUSE AND CORRUPTION.

    I've lost count, however, I believe this is U.S. major city #28 that has been either placed by court order or has negotiated with the DOJ for a monitor that will oversee all aspects of the department.

    That is a considerable amount of the population of this country that has police activity deemed to be so out of control and beyond self management that it has been seized by our own government.

    The results of 1,315 investigations of police misconduct were not reported properly.
    Liberty is so strongly a part of human nature that it can be treated as a no-lose argument position.

    From the cop’s perspective, the expression “law-abiding citizen” is a functional synonym for “Properly obedient slave".

    "People are not born being "anti-cop" and believing we live in a police state. That is a result of experience."

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    I suspect that the vast majority of beat cops in NPD are regular dudes trying to do a good job. It's the very few in that department that muck it up for everybody else.

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    Isolated incident, bros.

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