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Thread: Driving While OC

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    Driving While OC

    Afternoon Gentleman,
    I have been lurking these forums for the last few months. I owned a long gun and just recently purchased a pistol. I am curious as to what the laws are for OC while driving. Is there such thing? I'm not comfortable with asking important questions like this from LEO's over the phone and would like to know if any of you know the statues? I have looked through every PDF and Kentucky State Police website but all I find is mention of concealed carry in vehicles.

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    Welcome to OCDO Jerimiah Ringland.

    The reason you are having difficulty finding a law that says open carry in a vehicle is legal, is because laws/statutes/ordinances generally tell us what is illegal or restricted - all else is legal. Example: there is no law that says you can wear a hat while driving, therefore it is legal.

    I'm sure that others will be along over the week-end to guide and direct you on how to better understand your state laws.
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    Legal life isn't simple.

    To know if something is ILLEGAL, you only have to find ONE law.

    To know if something is LEGAL, you have to read ALL the laws.

    Since none of us can find anything about OCing in a vehicle, especially in the appropriate sections, it is generally agreed that it is legal.

    I am glad that you did not ask a LEO about his/her opinion on the law, as they are only human. Officers of the law, gun store clerks and "gun people" usually are thought of to know the law about firearms. MOST people do know have an in-depth knowledge of firearm laws. So it is only logical that most officers, gun store clerks, and "gun people" do not either.
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