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Thread: Go-Pro Camera Falls Off Plane Into a ... video endorsement

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    Go-Pro Camera Falls Off Plane Into a ... video endorsement

    Imagine being the folks who lost their very expensive Go-Pro camera off of a plane… Dammit! Imagine being the pig who doesn’t know what the hell just fell in his trough… What the ??? Imagine being the pig farmer who viewed the film for the first time… Golly! It’s all amazing. And, a ringing endorsement for a very resilient Go-Pro camera.
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    A fake video? Sure sounds like it .. I think you are fooling yourself .. like the styx song

    But I won't be fooled again
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    Here is another one. Windsurfer lost it and a fisherman found it 2 and a half months later. After charging the battery, it was good to go.

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