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Thread: Controversy Surrounds Open Carry Twin Falls, Idaho TV News Series

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    Controversy Surrounds Open Carry Twin Falls, Idaho TV News Series

    At the tail end of the article, OCDO is mentioned and it's gold star rating of Idaho firearms laws.

    "As you walk in a place where there is a lot of people and they see you, if someone feels uncomfortable about that, then you can expect they're going to call us. When they call us, we’re going to come out and attempt contact with you to talk to you and find out what's going on," explains Sgt. David Frick, Twin Falls Police Department."

    Thanks for the heads up

    "I have great concern about some of the videos of people purposely trying to get us behaving badly, and we don't want anyone to get hurt because they are acting in a way that is uninformed. We are absolutely about your right to carry a firearm at any time, on public property and follow the law," Frick points out."

    Someone explain to me how that can't be taken to mean "if you open carry, you could get hurt". I can't even call that a veiled threat. "Trying to get us behaving badly". I'm responsible for my own behavior, and it appears, responsible for the behavior of the police? Why are my fallacy detectors going off? Great gig. No matter what the police do, we are responsible. Things are starting to make sense now.

    "Open carry here, and we won't be responsible for what happens".~condensed message of Sgt. Frick
    Liberty is so strongly a part of human nature that it can be treated as a no-lose argument position.

    From the cop’s perspective, the expression “law-abiding citizen” is a functional synonym for “Properly obedient slave".

    "People are not born being "anti-cop" and believing we live in a police state. That is a result of experience."

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    I have been told many times by police that by me filming them in public I am therefore trying to bait them into doing something wrong.

    Its a fact that police have self control issues.

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