It's time to head back to Grand Rapids!

In addition to our march in support of an unlawfully detained open carrier on March 2nd, we also need to show a strong presence in front of the Grand Rapids City Commission. They may be able to ignore us in the streets, but they can't ignore us in their chambers.

This isn't just about reminding law enforcement that we are an important part of crime deterrence in our communities. This is also about making it as hard as possible for the elected elite in Grand Rapids to hide in their chambers behind armed security paid for by the people they represent. We should not sit back and allow them to openly call for the confusion of their citizens while they cast us as "bullies" that people need to be protected from. We must respond!

If they will not seek the truth on their own, we must place it in front of them where it cannot be avoided.

Here is your next opportunity to respond:

When: Tuesday, February 25th @ 7:00PM
Where: Commission Chambers on the 9th floor of Grand Rapids City Hall
Address: 300 Monroe Ave, N.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

We encourage everyone to be respectful, dress in a presentable manner, and carry the gun that you carry every day. Towards the end of the meeting, there is a opportunity for public comment. We also encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and address the Commission.

If you are not sure what to say, here are a few ideas for topics:
- Grand Rapids' preempted firearm ordinance.
- Read from Michigan's preemption statute MCL 123.1102.
- Cite research that shows we are a benefit, rather than a problem. Like the March 2013 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
- Simply say "Hello", your name, and that you support the City of Grand Rapids respecting State law and the individual Rights of it's citizens.

Park in the parking ramp under City Hall accessible from Monroe Ave and bring your parking stub with you to get your parking validated.