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Thread: Asheville, N.C. Gun Rights Rally

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    Asheville, N.C. Gun Rights Rally

    Asheville crowd rallies for gun rights
    Liberty is so strongly a part of human nature that it can be treated as a no-lose argument position.

    From the cop’s perspective, the expression “law-abiding citizen” is a functional synonym for “Properly obedient slave".

    "People are not born being "anti-cop" and believing we live in a police state. That is a result of experience."

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    Really, I don't join these rallies. I need not rally to demand a right. I just exercise it.

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    I thought NC had a premption law on the books with regard to gun laws. So how is the Asheville law enforceable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    Really, I don't join these rallies. I need not rally to demand a right. I just exercise it.
    I respect your decision, but let me add this. The anti-American progressives have banned together in their so far very successful transformation of this country. We cant sit at home and pretend that our little one voice will change anything. I believe rallies are the very thing to show these people how pissed we are. The loud squeaky wheel gets the grease. In other words, the ant-Americans have been VERY vocal. I still believe there are more of us than them, but they have a loud voice so they get what they want. We on the other hand are the silent majority and in my opinion, its time to be the loud voice.

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