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Thread: Anyone here around McComb that OC's?

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    Question Anyone here around McComb that OC's?

    I am just wondering about Walmart and other places what they have to say. No Gun Free Zones on their doors. I really want to know who will lose my business
    I don't live in McComb and don't go there very often, even though it's only 20 miles from me. I can always buy online,which I do often, found a good ammo site they emailed me when the bullets I wanted came in. So I ordered them and they were in my hands in 2 days. It's
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    This would be better if posted in the MS sub-forum.
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    I have OC'ed in the McComb Walmart many times and never got a second glance from employees or customers. Same for Lowes and many other businesses in the McComb area.

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