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Thread: UT Gun Rights Groups?

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    UT Gun Rights Groups?

    I've completed my training and am going to get fingerprinted today to send in my application for a non-res permit.

    Here in VA we have the excellent Virginia Citizens Defense League that works tirelessly to expand our gun rights and keep us informed of legislative efforts both good and bad.

    I'd like to follow Utah in a similar manner. What groups can you recommend?

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    The first I would recommend is

    Even though it is titled Concealed Carry, it has areas for both concealed and open carry discussion.

    Next would be

    followed by

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    Utah Shooting Sports Counciil

    I would recommend the Utah Shooting Sports Council. The NRA-ILA lobbies the US Congress when gun bills are introduced. The USSC is to the Utah Legislature what the NRA-ILA is to the US Congress. We lobby and mobilize our membership to call and email legislators to support pro-gun bills and to oppose anti-gun bills. In the past 14 months, we have launched "Safe to Learn - Safe to Teach", a program to provide Utah teachers with the knowledge skills and attitude to properly defend themselves and their classrooms. Part of that training is the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit course. We do this all free of charge. (In Utah, it is legal for a person with a CFP to carry on school grounds, including in a classroom.)

    The other organizations cited above are also good resources.
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