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Thread: Woman shot in Newport News officer-involved shooting

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    Woman shot in Newport News officer-involved shooting

    This happened today (3/3/2014) in this neighborhood near mine.

    NEWPORT NEWS -- Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the 900 block of Hollymeade Circle in Newport News.
    According to Newport News Police spokeswoman Holly McPherson, officers responded to a call for a disorderly subject around 4:30 p.m.
    The caller advised that the female was in a truck and was known to carry a firearm. When officers approached the suspect vehicle, the 29-year-old woman displayed a handgun.

    There are obviously more yet undisclosed details. The usual criminal and internal investigations are to follow, and the involved officers are on admin leave.

    A word of caution may be that not everyone is comfortable with others carrying guns. No notion of how she was disorderly.
    A law-abiding citizen should be able to carry his personal protection firearm anywhere that an armed criminal might go.

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    An additional article, with a video of the incident (video stops just prior to actual shooting...).

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