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Thread: Connecticut Court Rules - change in policy - cameras allowed into courthouses now

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    Connecticut Court Rules - change in policy - cameras allowed into courthouses now

    I wanted to let you know that we have discussed the issue that you brought to our attention, namely, that the judicial marshals in New Britain did not allow you to bring your camera into the courthouse. As we discussed, the Use and Possession of Electronic Devices in Superior Court Facilities allows persons to have a number of electronic devices, including devices that can broadcast, record or take photographs. A directive will be going out to the marshals instructing them to allow persons to bring electronic devices that are listed in the policy into all state courthouses.

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for your patience in getting it resolved.


    Melissa A. Farley, Esq.

    Executive Director

    External Affairs Division

    State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

    231 Capitol Avenue

    Hartford, CT 06105

    I received the above response to a complaint I brought before the new Judge in charge of court security....where I was not allowed access into a courthouse with my video camera.

    4th amendment issues involved in leaving electronic devices with Marshals....

    So it was decided in my favor ... that one can now bring in electronic devices into a courthouse ... you need not leave them outside (in my case I was bouncing from one public building where I could and did take pics to a courthouse that would not allow me to bring in my videorecorder/camera). The rule actually states that cameras can be brought into courthouse but Marshals still would not allow people to do fact when cellphones evolved into cameras and recording devices it was chaos getting into a courthouse with one ... they finally relented and allowed folks to bring in their iPhones ...

    So now you can bring into a courthouse cameras, recorders, etc. You can use them but not in a courtroom w/o permission.

    I don't know if others have run into issues getting into courthouses ... but this hopefully avoids issues getting into a courthouse.

    Initially Ms. Farley said that no cameras are allowed into courthouses .... seems like she did a 180 here
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