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Thread: Russian Troops Storm Ukraine Air Force Base In Crimea, Reuters Confirms

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    Russian Troops Storm Ukraine Air Force Base In Crimea, Reuters Confirms

    I'm sure it was just for a health inspection ....

    Crimea TV reporting that Russians have begun storming Ukraine air-force base on the peninsula, ramming the gates with a truck...

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    Some very interesting developments over the last several weeks:

    1. Crimea seceded from the Ukraine. Argue about it's legality all you wish, but don't forget, the U.S. did it in 1776.

    2. Ukraine strongly denounced the action and threatened to mobilize troops if Crimea didn't cease and desist.

    3. Crimea, predominantly comprised of Russians (see attached graphic), was serious, had no intentions of ceasing and desisting, and asked Russia for protection.

    4. Russia's parliament approved military action, and Russian troops moved in.

    5. Obama and the mainstream media began drawing lines in the sand, headlining the "Russian invasion of Ukraine," and talking about World War III.

    6. Putin blinked, shook his head, and continued fulfilling Crimea's request for protection.

    Finally, after the fervor died down, we see this in the news: Russia's Putin calls Obama to discuss U.S. proposal on Ukraine.

    Sadly, it's void of objectivity, and chock full of the following sort of arrogant, dictatorial crap: "President Obama underscored to President Putin that the United States continues to support a diplomatic path in close consultation with the government of Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crisis," the White House said.

    If the situation were reversed, wouldn't we have done the same? You bet we did. Many, many times.

    So please, my fellow Americans, remain vigilant, but not paranoid. Take everything you hear from the largely liberal, left mainstream media with a large bucket of salt, and if you haven't realized it by now, please realize the guy in the White House has proven time and again over the last five years he's great at laying blame, incapable of accepting responsibility, and always seeks credit where credit isn't due.

    Thank you.

    - a veteran
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