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Thread: Harvard club reachout for new members - guess they exclude?

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    Harvard club reachout for new members - guess they exclude?

    I guess gun owners are welcome...

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    Harvard has a long and healthy tradition of making fun of itself - but also of reacting violently when outsiders try to make fun of it or get involved in their internicine antics.

    Some knowlege of the "sense of humor" of the Harvards is needed to sort through what comes out of the Yard as humor as opposed to rant & kant as opposed to the stupidity of the (wannabe these days) elite.

    The PC Police response does little to help move any discussion about the history of discrimination at Harvard and the order in which "those people" [for all values of the term] were somehow mysteriously and magically changed from unclean to tolerated. The reference to "Coloreds" is a significant part of that order - but I'll bet even the Harvard brigade of the PC Police are not aware of that.

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    Harvard. It's claim to fame is nothing more than longevity. I'll take William & Mary over a yankee school any day of the week. Incestuous bunch they have up there. Liberal bastions of highlighted education.

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