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Thread: Questions from a Buckeye (a worthless nut)

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    Questions from a Buckeye (a worthless nut)

    Howdy PA OCers.

    I am from Cincinnati, OH and will be in Bushkill, PA for the first week of April. This will be for some training. I am reading up on the laws, but am wondering what insights you could share on the legal 'gotcha's' of both open and concealed carry in PA. I have both Ohio and Pennsylvania licenses to carry.

    Also, I am looking for information on what the laws are on the use of a digital voice recorder.

    Thanks a million!

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    In PA one can OC wherever legal to carry - a license/permit is required to OC in a vehicle.

    Pennsylvania- It is a felony to intercept, or get any other person to intercept any wire, electronic, or oral communication without the consent of all the parties. Consent is not required of any parties if the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their non-electronic communication.
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    You mentioned being in Pa for some training, which I presume would be in conjunction with your employment. In that regard, I would be sure to familiarize yourself with the conditions required by your employer as well as those required by your training site. Though we obsess about problems with OC, all things being equal, you're more likely to run afoul of prohibitions in your employer, or the training facility.

    Good luck!

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