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Thread: Massive Police Hunt For Bank Robbers Shuts Down I-270

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    Massive Police Hunt For Bank Robbers Shuts Down I-270

    Car-to-car search. the BGs were apprehended. I wonder if any law suits will be filed.

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    Won't matter if lawsuits are filed. They sued after they blockaded and searched at gunpoint 20 cars in Aurora CO couple years back and lost. The judge said that the actions were reasonable under modern 4th amendment jurisprudence because the officers had a reasonable belief that one of those cars had the bank robber.

    The only thing left is for the courts to determine how many square miles the cops are allowed to block off and say 'We shut the entire city down, we are reasonably sure he is in here somewhere.' And search house to house just like they did in Boston after the !marathon bombing.

    We took a huge 4th amendment loss I believe with that ruling...

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