The title may be a little misleading and I apologize but here it is.
So I currently live in California for another 2.5 days until I relocate to Nevada (tears of joy) but until then I obviously can not OC a firearm. I choose to OC a fixed blade sheathed knife on a daily basis. Never any problems every nice and a while I get a look but never have run across any law enforcement either (until today) I was walking into five guys burgers and two what appeared to be detectives (plain clothes badges and guns) walk out of the restaurant as I walk in. One of the officers casually glances down at my weapon and then back up at me (carrying my 14 mo old) and keeps talking to his partner while he seems to not have noticed. Not very eventful but I think it was a good experience even if it is a knife and not a firearm (seeing that we are in CA).