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Thread: What does this mean? (statement of an anti-gunner)

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    What does this mean? (statement of an anti-gunner)

    Shannon Watts makes statement about a Texas toddler being shot and OCT participating in a rally in the same sentence. Is she insinuating that the two events have any connection?
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    Plain and simple fear mongering. Let no tragedy go unexploited.
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    #Texas toddler shot to death; Meanwhile @OpenCarryTexas at #SXSW14 with loaded guns to desensitize people … #gunsense
    Not being conversant in idiot, I'm not sure what she's really trying to say. But I'll take a stab at it, substituting one noun for another....

    "In a tragic accident a 3-year old child was accidentally run over by an 8-year old who was playing with a car he shouldn't have been. Meanwhile, adult licensed drivers of sports cars were demonstrating that safe, legal use of their cars were posed danger to children or adults. If cars did not exist, or we had more strict licensing for adult drivers, that child would still be alive today. Oh, the Humanity!!!"
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