Probably the single question I am asked most frequently by NFA trust clients is “What do I need to do when I move?”

When I mentioned this to one of my law school classmates (who does not own any NFA items) he asked why this particular issue causes so much anxiety in the NFA community?

The answer is simple … NFA collectors understand that the suppressors, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, AOWs, and machine guns they own are some of the most heavily regulated consumer products in the country.

They also understand that violating any one of several dozen ATF regulations can instantly transform a law-abiding citizen into a criminal. And let’s not forget that, in addition to federal laws and regulations, many states have their own laws governing NFA items which an unsuspecting new resident may inadvertently violate.

So … with that having been said … what do you need to do when you are moving and you have properly registered NFA items?

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