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Thread: Forest Park Walmart

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    Forest Park Walmart

    I was shopping at the Forest Park Walmart, OCing. I pushed my cart around the corner and was 'made' by a young man in a different cart. When he saw the EDC on my hip, he didn't even hesitate. He immediately drew his matching set of A-1s and opened fire on me. In a flurry of what sounded like laser fire, I looked for cover. Not finding any, there was only one thing I could do. Y'all may call me a coward, but I put both hands in the air and declared "I surrender. I surrender!"
    His mom just shook her head at us, but I'll live to OC another day.

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    The tyke was not within a 1,000 feet of a school zone was he?????

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    Armed youth in Walmart?

    I'm so proud!

    What does a caring, sensitive person feel when they are forced to use a handgun to stop a threat?


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    So tell me...was Frankys mom hot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimwag View Post
    So tell me...was Frankys mom hot?

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    No offense, but how do you know that is another incarnation of Doug?
    I guess I'm hoping to see a list of his alter egos, seeing as I can't seem to discern them from the occasional poster.
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