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Thread: John K. Guyton Concealed carry permit holder charged with wearing gun to school

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    John K. Guyton Concealed carry permit holder charged with wearing gun to school

    But police were called, and inside Guyton's car found a loaded .40 caliber Glock. Guyton told police he come to Riverside to pick up his daughter and forgot he was wearing his gun. The gun had previously been reported stolen.
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    He would have been fine if he kept his mouth shut .... yap yap yap .. cuffed!

    Better hope I'm on his jury (or someone like me).

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    Already being discussed on the WCI FB page.

    If the guy hadn't been so blatantly obvious when he realized he hadn't disarmed, maybe fake a phone call,
    and if he'd driven around the block, stopping off school grounds & away from sight of the 'guard' to unload & encase the pistol,
    he wouldn't have been in trouble.

    Now instead of his previous tickets for various things (speeding, unlawful size fish, not wearing seatbelt), he's facing a felony & has given the persecutor all the evidence needed to convict him.

    Wish WI would follow the federal "gun-free" school zone law! (Which obviously doesn't 'protect' schools in the least.)

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