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Thread: Why gun licenses/permits must be securely confidential. Motorist allegedly points gun

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    Why gun licenses/permits must be securely confidential. Motorist allegedly points gun

    Had this victim provided a name or LPN and a gun been found, who has already been believed?
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    "The suspect was described as a white male in his late 20s with a small to medium build and a short, dark beard. He was wearing a bright turquoise, zipped-up hoodie with the hood up, a black shirt, dark sunglasses and a watch with a silver band.

    The suspect's vehicle was described as a newer, shiny red, full-sized Ford pickup truck with extended black outer mirrors, and the gun as a black matte semi-automatic pistol. The woman also told police the man was the only occupant inside the pickup truck."

    That is quite the description, though she did manage to miss the license plate. Although, how does she know the shirt was black when the hoodie was zipped up with the hood up? All this from looking in the rear view mirror and from the side after she turned into a parking lot while he was in a full size pickup truck while he was pointing a black matte semi-auto pistol at her. Wow!

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    Its one reason why permits should not be required .... gov't officials have access to this information ~ they raid your house and just say you pointed a gun at them..

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