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Thread: No civil liability for deputies in deadly SWAT raid over video game

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    No civil liability for deputies in deadly SWAT raid over video game

    "It may well have been overkill to conduct a SWAT-style home raid over a stolen video game, but once the resident pointed a gun at a deputy who had yelled "stop, poliice," he was justified in killing the resident, a federal judge has ruled. Chief U.S. District Judge William Griesbach reached that conclusion in dismissing a civil rights lawsuit brought by the estate of Adam Broown against the Brown County and two sheriff's deputies.

    "One cannot help but wonder whether this sad sequence of events could have been avoided if Sergeant Thomas had simply knocked on Brown’s door, waited for him to answer it, and then calmly explained that he had a warrant to search his house for a video game," Griebach wrote in an 18-page order.

    "In simpler times," he wrote, before the post 9/11 proliferation of military style equipment and tactics among police, that's probably how it would have gone."
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    The LEOs and the department should be held responsible for their mistakes.
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    Well, this is how things will be going in CT where the cops have already said that they will be checking the AW reg list when going over to houses and would examine if a person has an AW ~ and prepare accordingly.

    Looks like the war has started IMO.

    It was not a "SWAT" team .. it was a death squad.
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    Nothing but lip service by the judge. A official rebuking would have been "better." Another dead citizen who did not believe that the dude pointing a rifle at him was in fact a cop. Well, "long hair and goatee and was dressed in plain clothes..." it seems that the mere words "police" must be the signal to drop to the floor and hope that it is in fact the police.

    Point a gun at a cop and get dead. Point a gun at a dude who says he is a cop and get dead. Hesitation kills.

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