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Thread: Conceal Carry at local bar legal?

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    Conceal Carry at local bar legal?


    I"ve had a few arguments with people who all believe differently about being able to conceal carry inside of a bar.

    1057. Possession of firearms in an establishment licensed for on-premises consumption of liquor
    1. A person is guilty of criminal possession of a firearm if:
    A. Not being a law enforcement officer or a professional investigator licensed under Title 32, chapter 89 and actually performing as a professional investigator, the person possesses any firearm on the premises of a licensed establishment posted to prohibit or restrict the possession of firearms in a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of patrons, in violation of the posted prohibition or restriction; or [2011, c. 366, 2 (AMD).]

    From my understanding it IS legal to CC inside of a bar as long as it is not posted no guns allowed?

    I understand about being under the influence and all that, I don't drink when I go to the bar, I'm usually the entertainment.

    Most people I talk to are understanding that the law says you are NOT allowed to CC in a bar, but if you very carefully read the law, to my understanding as long as there is no "No Guns Allowed" sign then its perfectly legal?

    Any insight to this would be helpful.

    Thank You.

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    You are correct. If it's not posted. It's legal to CC or OC there, however, if asked to leave you must do so or face trespassing. I OC'd in a bar in Portland from 10pm to 1am one night and nothing was said to me. I don't even think the staff noticed.

    Some people also misread this statement to apply to all businesses. But it says a "licensed establishment" which in Maine means an establishment with a license to serve liquor for on premises consumption, ie. bar.
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